50 Ways to Upcycle Jeans You Can’t Fit! | DIY clothes thrift flip

Here’s 50 ways to make jeans fit bigger, smaller, longer, cuter or completely transform them. This includes no-sew projects!

0:00 How to DIY jeans
0:44 How to transform jeans to a top
4:35 No sew jean thrift flips
6:21 How to make a jean skirt or dress
8:07 DIY Jeans remake
17:48 How to take jeans in
21:33 How to let jeans out

Butterfly sleeve crop top https://youtu.be/BoZsKHcDg70
Jeans to belt/top https://youtu.be/ubGm4kn8m4s
Corset t-shirt https://youtu.be/oCN1Kar-W1c
Jean strips top https://youtu.be/UMX4Uj-3NBQ
Blueprint blazer https://youtu.be/Cr28jwiEPOk
Denim bandana top https://youtu.be/-P5pD5-ilj8
Denim bralette https://youtu.be/Uyh6hA1xZG0

No Sew
Thigh cut https://youtu.be/-fZsIGZYXTI
Dye jeans https://youtu.be/jiN73qmOsMA
Painted cow print jeans https://youtu.be/POmHjMhk7fE
Colorful Striped leg https://youtu.be/nbYu_MjUx_s
Grommet waist https://youtu.be/C_YhaWvETkk

Skirts & Dresses
Asymmetric skirt https://youtu.be/RKbVMBHYBUQ
Jumper dress https://youtu.be/7wqAp8JFlDI
Wrap skirt https://youtu.be/d3BUoa-23fc

Jean Alterations
Skinny Jeans to Wide Leg https://youtu.be/XV5nYKVEzBA
Bell bottoms https://youtu.be/C_YhaWvETkk
Embroidery jeans https://youtu.be/jiN73qmOsMA
Fringe side jeans https://youtu.be/jiN73qmOsMA
Large Cuff https://youtu.be/jiN73qmOsMA
Distressed Jeans https://youtu.be/jiN73qmOsMA
Cut out waist https://youtu.be/vmd9BmS5p4Y
Frill Side https://youtu.be/WZWowPEIZgg
Layered color block https://youtu.be/-4aYT1G66qs
Exposed zipper https://youtu.be/WgGxVKM7B3A
Quick cargo pants https://youtu.be/_xALhyKmG1o
Cardi B patchwork jacket & jeans https://youtu.be/vG_3n4J3hZQ
Paper bag waist shorts https://youtu.be/8JVIM09RjC4
Make jeans longer https://youtu.be/Lu0cfuJt6TI
Criss Cross legs https://youtu.be/exq_OZgzssA

Denim Accessories
Tote bag https://youtu.be/3tLOXzSCVjY
Makeup bags https://youtu.be/i-U5udNNdy4
Draw string bag https://youtu.be/NcBh_aUo2nE
Bucket hat https://youtu.be/Z1RGIB-11No
Patchwork backbag https://youtu.be/aUREGlxCIlo

Take in
Crossover jeans and skirt https://youtu.be/_bgF3XN2bX8
Make jeans skinny (5) https://youtu.be/5CdFK8JlvkM
Ruffle shorts https://youtu.be/wZqUnGwQFo8
Riding pants https://youtu.be/WcKRmSu5uVI
Side by side color blocked https://youtu.be/m3v7N-6Zd0A
Front and back two toned https://youtu.be/4xH4WyjAUHY

Take out
Paper bag waist https://youtu.be/C_YhaWvETkk
Upsize jeans (4) https://youtu.be/ktfMuNAjUto
Button up front https://youtu.be/5wYGUU6iJ8Q

12 Quick & Easy Winter Upcycles: https://youtu.be/BLBMjZzEg4g

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