Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer and You | Dr. Peter Attia | EP 360

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Peter Attia discuss healthspan, lifespan, obesity, the profound difference simple changes can make, diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and realistic ways you can actively work toward a higher quality of life.

Dr. Peter Attia is a renowned physician and longevity expert, specializing in metabolic health and performance optimization. With a background in mechanical engineering and a medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Attia brings the principles of Medicine 3.0 to patients with the goal of lengthening their lifespan and simultaneously improving their healthspan. Through his podcast, “The Drive,” and his website, he shares insights on longevity, nutrition, and human performance. Possessed by his passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health, he combines science, data analysis, and personalized care to inspire others to prioritize metabolic health and lead fulfilling lives.


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– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(0:11) Intro
(1:23) Lifespan v. healthspan
(5:18) Cognitive decline and exercise
(10:30) Why exercising is difficult to start
(12:10) The benefit from going zero to three hours a week
(14:33) Setting positive behaviors
(17:36) Weightlifting and Cardiovascular exercise
(20:33) Grip strength is a great marker for life span
(22:03) Sarcopenia: loss of muscle mass due to age
(23:10) Rucking as a means to bypass cardio plateaus
(25:20) The best exercise for your lower body
(26:00) Eccentric strength: why the elderly fall
(27:37) Working up to height
(28:47) Diabetes, metrics of testing
(32:13) Decline in insulin sensitivity
(35:01) The difference between healthy and nearly dying
(38:47) What your eye doctor can see
(41:34) How much fat your body can actually store
(45:30) In awe of the liver, how glucose is stored in fat
(48:01) The food pyramid was not produced by scientists
(50:35) The Standard American Diet is SAD
(54:04) Are all calories created equal?
(58:23) Arthritis and diet
(1:00:01) Scientific literature on the carnivore diet
(1:02:41) Restrictive diets, weight loss and inflation
(1:09:09) Appetite and endurance on restriction diets
(1:11:52) Concentration benefits
(1:14:35) Cancer hits its peak first
(1:16:57) What’s happening when cancer spreads, self v. non self
(1:20:14) What you can do about cancer prevention
(1:24:12) The challenge in optimal screening
(1:27:32) Lesser known drivers for cancer
(1:29:05) Almost no research funding goes towards prevention
(1:30:51) Where should the resources go?
(1:33:30) Youth and exercise, standing desks
(1:34:37) The system does not do what the name says it does
(1:35:33) Emotional health and longevity
(1:37:33) Fear, lockdowns, and mental impact
(1:38:46) Self care
(1:41:04) Through the lens of a patient
(1:43:05) Self Authoring and Future Authoring
(1:46:30) A three pronged plan for healthspan
(1:47:31) The marginal decade exercise
(1:49:18) You need a reason to change

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