Tragic Details About Laurel And Hardy

The 2018 biographical comedy-drama film Stan and Ollie brings to life the legendary comedic duo of the early classical Hollywood era, Laurel and Hardy. The movie follows their final days as a duo and their personal relationship.

In reality, Laurel and Hardy’s pioneering influence in comedy and other genres is still felt today. Their work has influenced artists and writers like Jerry Lewis, Peter Sellers, mime artist Marcel Marceau, Steve Martin, and John Cleese.

The duo was active from 1927 to 1955 but throughout their amazing career, they faced their fair share of setbacks, rivalry, financial strife, and tragedy. Let’s look at the tragic life stories of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

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Hardy suffered tragic losses | 0:00
Laurel lost his mom | 1:17
Hardy was teased a lot | 2:35
Bad with money | 3:31
1940s career decline | 4:48
Hardy was unlucky in love | 5:50
Laurel retired when Hardy died | 6:57
A disastrous final film | 7:32
Hardy’s rough final years | 8:49
Laurel was lonely and ill | 9:42

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