1977: OLIVER REED at home in BROOME HALL | Nationwide | Classic Celebrity Interview | BBC Archive

Valerie Singleton takes a trip to Broome Hall in Surrey, the unlikely home of notorious hellraiser Oliver Reed. Reed is one of the few successful British actors to still reside in the UK – much to the delight of the Treasury – and his great love for the huge Victorian country house Broome Hall, with its expansive grounds, is one of the key factors in keeping him here.

Singleton spends the day touring the estate with Reed, who explains that he bought the house from the White Fathers – a group of Catholic monks – primarily for its grounds, in order to breed horses. He has since set about the gargantuan – and expensive – task of restoring the house itself to its former glory.

This clip is from Nationwide, originally broadcast 17 January, 1977.

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