How to Build Prefabricated Detachable Container House / Porta Cabin? (2021)

Prefab Detachable Container House / Porta Cabin Installation Guide
For non-professionals, building a prefabricated container house is not easy. To simplify the operation, We made an installation video of a standard container unit and compiled a container house installation guide, so that you can quickly complete the installation.
If you still do not understand this installation step, please contact us directly, and we will provide you more professional installation guide.
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K-HOME Container House Installation Content:

0:00 Floor Steel Frame Installation
1:04 Column Installation
1:38 Roof Steel Frame Installation
3:58 Install Water Gutter & Downpipe
4:43 Install Sealing Strips & Wall Panels
5:10 Install Window
5:33 Install Door
5:49 Install Ceiling
6:36 Install Wires (Concealed Installation)
6:46 Laying Glass Wool & Steel Sheet on the Roof
7:58 Install PVC Floor Leather
8:29 Install the Corner Line
8:46 Adjust the Gap Between Two Adjacent Units
9:01 Install the Second-story of the Container House
9:52 Install Leather Straps at the Outer Junction
9:57 Install Different Kinds of Corner Lines
10:21 Installation Compartment
10:55 Fill the Gap with Glue
11:04 Install Stairs
12:17 Installation complete Display


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