Sixties Britain (2003 Documentary 60’s 60s Britain Documentaries)

The latest singing fodder from Gladwyn S is available here;

Subscribing to me at this point in history is utterly futile! Stop paying the BBC a licence fee, become a member of my channel for 99p a month, and with enough ongoing contributions I’ll start turning around this hyper-inflated Sunak-infested weasel hole we now live in from a new honorary capital in the North, and we can all stop pretending the issue of gender/race is a hotter potato than it actually is. Did you know that Michael Gove recently claimed the government is not to blame for the country becoming poorer over the last three years? Yeah…and my name’s Patricia Routledge.

If you can’t afford this 99p, just go play my latest song linked above, and do that every time you’d otherwise casually flick the TV on to have your brain filled with junk. If the Jehovah’s Witnesses knock at your door, direct them towards my Spotify output. When a wet-eyed Ewan McGregor or Olivia Coleman begs you for a blanket, send me the £3 instead. Any revenue is going on building free-use bunkhouses across the North of England, number one to encourage genuine nomadic travel, number two to give a safe sheltering option to the homeless, number three to make a hot meal for someone who can’t afford to put the oven on, number four to pull the plug out of the smug and turgid hospitality industry, number five to give a working studio space to people like me who have the zero-liability attritional genocide (ZLAG) sniper rifle trained on them. I could go on, and I will.

Don’t wait for Starmer to save you, Sunak will probably curry enough favour to beat him anyway (no pun intended but arrived at through inherent comedy genius). Become a member of this channel, watch all the member-only videos, destroy the BBC through the simple act of not paying them, and reject the moribund two-party system that is only serving to drive you into poverty. There is no King, there is no Prime Minister, there is no 2030 and all they crave is your undying attention. Deny them.


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