1960s Commercials and Vintage Commercials

1960s Commercials and Vintage Commercials

A compilation of various commercials from the 1960s. 60s commercials weren’t too interesting I think.

Crest Toothpaste Commercial
A drama-like commercial advertising Crest.

Alpha-bits Cereal Commercial
A cartoon for alpha-bits cereal. Brown sugar!

Swing Wing Commercial
This is a commercial for a child’s toy called “Swing wing”. Really wacky and I wonder if anyone actually played with this. 1960s toy commercial… I feel sorry for the kids!

Larry the Lion commercial
A 1960s toy commercial featuring the toy Larry the Lion. The legendary Mel Blanc voices the lion in this commercial!

Polaroid Swinger Commercial
A commercial for polaroid’s mobile “swinger” camera. Looks pretty cool for the time.

Suave commercial
A commercial for suave hair lotion.

Roto-Rooter commercial
This is a pretty sad commercial because the guy is a jerk to his wife. I still think the name Roto-Rooter is hilarious.

Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup Commercial
This syrup commercial is simple. Makes me want to eat pancakes, though!

Honey Grahams Commercial
Nabisco Honey Grahams. Featuring a friendly house wife that is popular with all the neighborhood kids because of her snacks.

Nyquil commercial
A commercial for the famous Nyquil cold medicine.


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