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– With the death of 11 Israelis, the 1972 Munich Olympics is remembered for putting terrorism on the winners’ podium. What should have showcased the new face of Germany actually showcased arrogance, incompetence and International Olympic Committee indifference that continues to this day.

The Olympics should have been a roaring success, less than four decades after the infamous Nazi-era Olympics in Berlin in 1936.

The presence of the Israeli team, competing just six miles from the Dachau concentration camp, was a statement on Israel’s willingness to accept a different Germany. But just 30 years after the Holocaust, Jewish blood was spilled on German soil once again.

The Munich Massacre, which was carried out by the infamous Black September group marked a watershed moment in the Palestinian struggle. It also raises important questions about the effectiveness of terrorism and the moral implications of fighting back against terrorism.

Should the games have been cancelled or would that have been another victory for the terrorists? Let us know what you think about the question of terrorism and the other issues raised in the video in the comments below.

00:00 Intro
01:00 1972 Olympics German propaganda peace efforts
01:38 Meaning of Israeli presence in Germany
01:59 Terrorist infiltration and kidnapping of Israeli team
02:30 Founding of Al Fatah and PLO
03:07 Black September in Jordan
03:32 Continuation of the Olympics
04:08 Suspension of Olympic events
04:27 Germany’s botched rescue attempt
06:30 German response to massacre
07:12 Continuation of the Olympics
07:43 German collusion with terrorists
08:55 Operation Wrath of God
09:57 Does terrorism work?
10:48 Outro

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– GPO Israel, GPO Israel/Zvika Israeli

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– Shevi Peters
– Adam Milstein

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