Italian Classic Sports Cars Made With American V8 Engines

Dive into the fascinating world of Italian sports cars powered by robust American V8 engines. These stunning classics are the perfect marriage of Italian design and American muscle, bringing together the best of both worlds. Explore the remarkable Iso Rivolta, De Tomaso Longchamp, Bizzarrini Strada, Iso Lele, De Tomaso Mangusta, Qvale Mangusta, Scaglietti Corvette, AC 428 Frua, Iso Grifo, and De Tomaso Guara. Witness the sheer beauty and raw power of these masterpieces that continue to captivate car enthusiasts everywhere.

00:00 – Iso Rivolta
00:44 – De Tomaso Longchamp
01:23 – Bizzarrini Strada
02:11 – Iso Lele
02:37 – De Tomaso Mangusta
03:21 – Qvale Mangusta
04:05 – Scaglietti Corvette
04:29 – AC 428 Frua
05:06 – Iso Grifo
05:50 – De Tomaso Guara


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