Top 5 Best Cheap Electronic Drum Kits That Don’t Suck – All Under £500

We look at the 5 best budget electronic drum kits that are ideal for beginners.

PMT Portsmouth’s drum expert, Jof, takes a look at 5 of the best affordable digital drum kits that are ideal to start learning on and that won’t break the bank.

Electric Drum Kits used:

0:00 5 Best Cheap Electronic Drum Kits
00:25 Tourtech TT-12S –
03:29 Yamaha DTX-432K (Upgraded version of the DTX402K) –
07:21 Roland TD-1K –
10:03 Yamaha DD-75 –
13:13 Tourtech TT-22M –

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When you first start learning to play the drums, picking a suitable beginner’s kit can sometimes be a little difficult as real acoustic drums are usually too loud for most homes, and electronic kits can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds…but fear not, Professional Music Technology are here to help, as we stock a huge range of electric drum kits to suit different needs and levels of ability.

In this digital drum kit shootout, we’re checking out 5 of our cheapest electronic drumkits which still offer great quality, sounds and playability.

These are 5 of the best electric drum ki9ts under £500 – actually they’re all under £400!

There’s the Tourtech TT-12S, the most affordable of the bunch, the Yamaha DTX-402K which combines a full size kit with excellent tuition software, the stylish, compact Roland TD-1K, the extremely portable, battery-powered Yamaha DD-75 and finally, the incredible value Tourtech TT-22M, which features mesh drum pads…unheard of for a kit of this price!

So, if you’re looking for a cheap beginners drum set, all of the kits in this video are great options, offering all of the essential features that you need to learn to play the drums, including kick and hi-hat pedals, snare and tom drums, crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals and built-in metronomes to help you keep in time.

Take a quick look and listen with PMTVUK and try these kits out for yourself at your nearest Professional Music Technology store…

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