The 4 Hand Techniques Every Drummer MUST KNOW!

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Sakae Trilogy Drums (Vintage Club Oyster)
22×16, 12×8, 16×16, 18×16
14×6.5 Brass Snare
Drum Sticks
Kick Pedal
Hi Hats
Left Crash
Ride Cymbal
Right Crash
Drum Mics
Audio Interface
In-Ear Monitors
Main Camera
Kick Cam
Camera Mic For Voice

0:00 Intro
1:29 How to hold the sticks
1:48 German, French, and American grip
4:14 Wrist strokes
4:31 Finger strokes
5:43 Whipping strokes
8:25 Push/pull strokes
11:45 Outro


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