UK TV Commercials 60s/70s produced by Henry Bentinck

I got these from the J. Walter Thompson archive in 1989 for my father’s 70th birthday. He produced all these ads, thought of the Nimble balloon idea, and came up with the line, ‘Mr Kipling bakes exceedingly good cakes’. Sorry for the plethora of Nimble ads, but the collection was more for his own interest than for public consumption.
In sequence:
Ribena – with a very young me!
Campbell’s Soup – with my sister, Anna
Spiller’s Shapes – with my then brother-in-law’s dog Max
Butter – Arthur Lowe and John le Mesurier
Berger Paint – with Anna Bentinck again
Tweed – perfume
Mr Kipling – Henry wrote the line, and used close-ups of food for the first time in British advertising, employing a man in Paris called Dymka. Trying to find out who he was/is.
Mothers Pride -4 commercials with Andy Stewart, Dusty Springfield and Joe Brown
Polo. My father wrote the lyrics to all the songs too!
Kraft Cheese Slices – with… anyone know who this is?
Nimble – first one is the last made – faked matte shots over London
The next one is the pre-balloon one in b/w with Joanna Lumley
Then comes the first balloon ad, with a hydrogen balloon in Segovia, Spain. You can watch Henry talking about it here:
Then there are three with the hot air balloon in Switzerland – all with the incredibly brave and intrepid Nimble girl Emily Cumming.
Finally there’s an old b/w Mothers Pride ad shot on the hill above Frithsden in Hertfordshire, half a mile from where I grew up.
Here are some photos of the Switzerland Nimble balloon shoot:
And these are from the first shoot with the hydrogen ballon in Segovia, Spain.


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