The Most Watched TV Series of the 1960s (By Year)

What are your favorite television shows of the 1960s? And after you’ve finished watching this video, let us know if you were surprised to learn that any of the programs we discussed held number one positions during their respective years.

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00:00 – Intro
00:37 – 1960 – Gunsmoke
01:40 – 1961 – Wagon Train
02:24 – 1962-1963 – The Beverly Hillbillies
03:33 – 1964 – 1966 – Bonanza
04:31 – 1967 – The Andy Griffith Show
05:24 – 1968-1969 – Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In
07:03 – Outro

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The 1960s was a decade that saw a tremendous amount of societal, cultural, political, and technological changes transpire – especially during the latter half of the decade. The first chunk of the 60s weren’t that much unlike the late 1950s, but as we all know, the counterculture movement that gave us iconic things such as Woodstock and the Beatles changed all of that.

It was a particularly groundbreaking time for the world of television especially. During this era, social factors played a role in the decline of more traditional family-friendly programming that viewers were used to in the previous decade, but that wasn’t necessarily as reflected in the ratings as it would be in the 70s.

The swinging 60s were an era that embraced a willful departure from orthodoxy. At the same time, some viewers still clung to the sensibilities and values that were held dear in the 1950s. As such, what you got in the 60s, was a bit of a mixed bag of old-school ideals combined with fresh new material that challenged the status quo – albeit a bit more subtly than the following decade

Westerns dominated the ratings during the early years of the 60s, while sitcoms and variety shows would prove to be quite popular in the second half of the decade. By the final year of the 60s, however, one sketch comedy show would burst on to the scene that would lay the groundwork for the future of shows in this category. If you’re interested in learning what that show was, be sure to watch this video in full.

The Most Watched TV Series of the 1960s (By Year)


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