We Drove the World’s FASTEST Go-Kart!

👏 Thanks to Cinch! Check out their INCREDIBLE range of cars here! https://bit.ly/3JhQG7s

👏 Thanks to Martin and Daniel for lending us their superkarts, watch them race here! https://youtu.be/0ABuZPXk1L4

🟣 Thanks to Cinch for letting us use Rockingham – You can buy cars entirely online, so check them out here! 👉 https://bit.ly/cinch-overdrive

This is a Division 1 Superkart. It’s essentially what you get if you put a Formula 1 car in the washing machine but you keep all the scary bits.

To save you the math, that’s roughly 690bhp per ton – more than a McLaren Senna and more than ANY GT3 car. The difference is, you don’t get any seatbelts in a superkart. Even if you could hear me over the noise, you would hear me saying ANYTHING of use. The vibration and the savagery of that kart was a bit much for someone who had never driven a quick racecar before. Let alone one of these things

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