Best PC Build 2023: PC Parts Explained | How to Build A PC 2023

Best PC Build 2023 Guide: How to Build a PC 2023.
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Computer Parts Explained lists below.
INTEL CPU NAMING: “K” = Unlocked for Overclocking, “F” = No integrated graphics

*Current Intel & AMD CPUs to Consider*
Best Gaming CPU – High End
▶️ Ryzen 7800X3D
▶️ Ryzen 7600 / 7600X
▶️ i5 13600K

Best Gaming CPU – Midrange
▶️ Ryzen 5700X

Best Budget Gaming CPU
▶️ i5 12400 / 12400F
▶️ Ryzen 5600
▶️ i3 12100 / 12100F

*Best Intel Motherboard*
All B660 & B670 Newegg:
All Z690 & Z790 Newegg:
▶️ Z690 (12th &13th Gen Intel Overclocking)
▶️ Z790 (12th & 13th Gen Overclocking)
▶️ B660 (12th & 13th Gen Intel Non-Overclocking)
▶️ B760 (12th & 13th Gen Intel Non-Overclocking)

*Best AMD Motherboard*
All Ryzen 7000 (B650 & X670) Newgg:
All Ryzen 5000 (B550 & X570) Newegg:
▶️ B550 –
▶️ X570
▶️ Ryzen 7000 Motherboards (Ryzen 7000)

This PC Parts Explained vide covers how to build a PC for the best gaming pc build 2023 and best PC build 2023. We explain every PC part from best CPU to best GPU to get you started on your 2023 PC Build. Learn How to Build a PC 2023. For New and returning PC Builder, how to pick PC Parts can be very confusing. Many want to build a gaming pc for 1440p, or the best budget gaming PC Build but don’t know where to start. PC Parts Explained 2023 covers motherboards explained, CPU explained, graphics card explained, memory explained, storage explained, PSU explained, CPU cooler explained and pc case explained. We also list how much a pc build costs and the best CPU and GPU combo for gaming at 1080p, 1440p, and 4K.

If you want the best gaming PC build 2023, this how to build a PC guide to PC Parts explained will get you started. We also throw in tips for a best gaming pc parts guide and best video editing pc parts guide.
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Video Index
0:00 PC Parts Explained 2023 Overview
0:38 GPU Explained – Graphics Card for Gaming
1:50 Current GPUs – NVIDIA, AMD, Intel
2:31 GPU VRAM – How Much?
3:28 Best GPU for Professionals
3:42 CPU Explained 2023 & Best CPU
4:32 Intel “Big + Little” CPUs
4:59 Current AMD & Intel CPUs
5:23 AMD vs Intel CPUs – Key Differences
5:59 CPU Integrated Graphics & APUs
6:30 CPU vs GPU Power – CPU and GPU Combo
7:09 Motherboards Explained | Intel vs AMD
7:40 CPU and Motherboard Chipset Combos
8:33 Motherboard Features Explained
9:37 How PCIE Slots Work
9:59 PCIE Gen 3 vs Gen 4 vs Gen 5
10:22 Motherboard Audio Explained
11:04 RAM Explained | Memory Explained
11:51 DDR4 vs DDR5 RAM
12:50 How Much RAM Do You Need?
13:18 Storage Explained – HDD, SDD, & NVME
13:46 How Much Storage & How Fast?
14:18 SSD Speeds – Gen 3 vs Gen 4 vs Gen 5
15:08 CPU Coolers Explained | Air vs Liquid AIO vs Custom Loop
15:51 CPU included box coolers – Any Good?
16:33 PC Case Explained – Sizing, Airflow & More
17:17 PC Case Sizes, RGB & Connections
18:04 Power Supply Explained – 80+ Rating, Wattage, More
19:09 Monitor – Resolutions, GPU, Adaptive Sync
20:03 Misc Parts – Wifi Adapter, Fan/RGB Controllers & More
20:40 PC Build Cost – 1080p, 1440p, 4K
21:30 Best PC Build 2023: CPU + GPU Combos
21:42 1080p Budget Gaming CPU + GPU Combo
22:12 1440p Gaming CPU + GPU Combo
22:48 4K Gaming CPU + GPU Combo
23:32 Streaming & Creator PC CPU + GPU Combos
23:56 Best CPU & GPU Combo for Creators
24:53 How to Build A PC 2023


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